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Michael Chandler is a retired bodyguard who now works primarily as a security consultant and training instructor. Having authored numerous courses and publications relating to security and intelligence acquisition, he travels the world teaching existing and aspiring security operatives as well as consulting high-net-worth individuals/ families and corporate clients on personal, residential and corporate security.


Born and raised in central London, Michael Chandler spent many years working in large security teams on high profile events such as film premieres, award ceremonies etc. During this time he was also conducting covert surveillance operations in and around the London area as a trainee. Because of his consistent dedication to the industry and his four years service in The Royal Military Police (TA), he was shortly conducting close protection operations for a range of clients from celebrities to businessmen and sport personalities alike, some of whom had received serious threats from various organisations.


Sometime later, Michael began conducting surveillance and counter surveillance operations all over the UK and quickly became the biggest contractor for a private investigation company based in London who were at the time, one of, if not the biggest in the country. This later led to a promotion which was to become the Head of International Surveillance Operations. 
After this, Michael continued his work with various celebrities in a close protection capacity. He also consulted and advised other security companies on Anti & Counter Surveillance matters along with providing any investigative services they required. 
In 2012 Michael decided to change his low profile and covert lifestyle and stared in a documentry about the spy industry. 
Now, Michael is the Chief Operating Officer of The Vanquish® Group which owns and manages Vanquish® Security Services, Vanquish® Investigation Services and Vanquish® Training Academy.
He is also the author of the International seller 'The Real Guide to Surveillance' which sells in most English speaking countries including; UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and The US.
Vanquish® still advises other security companies on counter surveillance and ivestigative matters. Our other corporate clients include law firms solicitors, private individuals, employment agencies, retailers, the BBC and Universal Records. 
Michael has written all of our courses himself for which people come from all over the world to attend

Best Security Consultant UK
Michael Chandler Security
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