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First Blog Post

So I’ve been advised recently and over the last few years to create a personal blog that is slightly separated from my work at Vanquish giving me a platform to speak personally about decisions that I’ve made and why I made them, my personal and professional opinions about elements of the security industry and possibly even business related dilemmas that I’ve faced in my career.

This is something that I’ve been considering for a while and I’ve learnt from experience that sometimes, it’s better to simply do it and see how it goes. Also, I think that it will be a good way document experiences in my personal and professional life both past and present. There is a good chance that this will not work out and it will all be over and done within the next two or three months but at the very least I will have taken lessons from the experience.

I fully expect to receive negative feedback from people who feel that they just have to put their two pennies worth in but that’s fine. I’m used to it. Hopefully I will be doing this long enough to write a post about people leaving fake reviews posting negative comments about me generally.

Anyway, this is the first post. A bit bland I know but I plan to write a lot more, interesting content in the near future. Hopefully I will improve my English and grammatical skills along the way.

Thank your for support :-.)

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