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The Real Guide to Surveillance

In 2012 I was convinced to write a book about surveillance. I decided to base the content of the book around the 2 day basic surveillance course that I wrote the year before. The mistake I made was giving myself a deadline. The bigger mistake was making that deadline only 3 months after the day that I had started writing it which just happened to be days before Christmas.

This was obviously a bad idea which was clearly reflected in the quality of the book. It was poorly written and should ever have been put up for sale.

I have decided to re-write the entire thing from scratch using a combination of updated content from the 2 and 5 day surveillance training courses as well as material that will be created specifically for the book. When released, it will be available in paperback and for digital download on iTunes and Amazon.

I don't really want to set a deadline for the release based on what happened last time but I would like to see it completed before the beginning of spring 2017.

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