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Changes to Close Protection Training

When I wrote the close protection course, I wanted it to be of the highest possible standard but I also knew that there was a demand for it to be as short as possible too. Now that we have run some out across the UK we have had the opportunity to review feedback from several candidates who attended the 12 day close protection training course and almost all of them stated that there was simply too much to take in within the given time frame. Please bear in mind that this 12 day course combines close protection training with first aid at work (which is a 3 day course on it’s own), paediatric first aid and defibrillator training.

Taken on the Vanquish® CP Course in September in London

Typically speaking, a training provider will purchase a series of slideshows to present to a class over a learning period. This is the easy, standard way of doing things. I have never been one to adhere to standard methods and my courses and teaching methods are no different. All the content on my courses were written completely from scratch. In fact, the course was written over a period of about 12 months before being released to the public as a training course.

Having said all of that, It is important to me that anyone who attends a course that I’ve written, (even the ones that I don’t instruct/ teach), indulges all of the information in a way that enables them to understand and demonstrate excellent subject knowledge. Because of this, I have made a decision to increase the amount of days from 12 days to 15. This will have absolutely no affect on the 21 day Vanquish® Close Protection Training Course ( but does mean that as my course is used by Vanquish® Training Academy and The Security Academy, they will both be making substantial changes to their respective websites and marketing material over the coming weeks.

As a point of interest, despite the small difference in the cost between The Security Academy and Vanquish® Training Academy, the now 15 Day Close Protection Course is pretty much identical other than a few minor things:

  • Budget

  • The Security Academy is run on a very slightly lower budget. Things such as chauffeur journeys are changed to standard vehicles being used etc.​

  • Amount of Candidates

  • Because Vanquish® Training Academy only have 3 courses per year and only 6 spaces on each course AND that it is an application only course, it is more exclusive​

  • Instructors

  • This is going to sound very arrogant but unless I have to go overseas to teach, the Vanquish® courses and they are usually the only courses that I teach all year round which, again, makes them more exclusive. But all of our instructors are ex-British Military and very competent indeed.

So in summary, my 12 day close protection courses are now 15 day courses. As both Vanquish® Training Academy and The Security Academy use my course content, I am assuming that they will be making their own separate announcements separately as it will of course, affect the dates for next year.

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