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Online TSCM/ Bug Sweeping Training

All right, just a quick one to let you know that later on this year I'll be releasing my technical surveillance countermeasures training course, which is the bug sweeping course, into an online video series, which means that anyone from anywhere in the world will be able to complete the online training course which will be inclusive of, as I say, the video program, along with downloadable reading material, online assessments to ensure that you are keeping up with the training program itself, and an end of course exam to ensure that you have completely understood and learnt everything within the training course itself.

The purchase of the course will come along with the option to buy your own very, very basic bug sweeping kit, so that you can practice bug sweeping yourself whilst you are watching the video series. Anyone who purchases the online training program will also receive a physical copy of my book, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, which will be a hand held guide s to how you conduct a competent bug sweep.

The cost of the course hasn't been established yet, but if you want to be kept up to date, then the best thing to do is go to , and you will be given the option to fill in your details and put onto mailing list basically, which will then give you up to date information as to when the course is going to be released, the cost of the course itself. Anyone who completes this online form at , again, will be given a 50% discount once the course is released. So, that offer will only last for about a week or something like that, so it's a good idea to go to this website, get your information filled in as quickly as you can. And once we identify and establish how much the course is going to cost, you'll be notified immediately, but you'll also be given a 50% discount.

Again, you will also receive physical copy of my book, which will sent to you regardless of which country you're in. The course is useful for anyone who operates or intends to operate within the private security industry, regardless of which country you're in. It's specifically for bodyguards, close protection offices, residential security teams. Anyone basically who secures, whose job it is to secure an environment to make it safe or free of illicit items such as listening devices, recording devices, covert hidden cameras, that kind of thing. In order to secure an environment for an individual, a group of people, or a business.

The training program will be broken into bite sized pieces, which will allow you to easily review them. Should you not understand a certain topic, you can go back at any point, review the video, and re-learn anything that you've missed. The course will also, as I said before, be inclusive of intermittent assessments, which will pop up now and again throughout some of videos, asking you specific questions, which, in theory, you should know the answers to. But if you do not, then you can always go back, watch the videos again.

There will be an end of course assessment, which will actually be marked by someone at our head office in the UK, and we will release the results back to you probably within two to three working days after you've submitted them. If for some reason you did not pass the assessment, then that's not a problem, what we'll allow you to do is go back, watch the whole video series again. You will have the book to hand as well, so you can do the test, although we encourage you not to use the book whilst doing the assessment, because that is essentially cheating, and we want to identify whether or not you've actually learnt the program itself.

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