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My First Guest Post

A few weeks back I wrote a guest blog post for TSCM International who are a new brand under the Vanquish umbrella, dedicated to bug sweeping services. This organisation are documented as "a dedicated and specialist organisation focusing purely on technical surveillance countermeasures. We aim to develop and maintain a continuous amount of research into technology which poses a covert threat to our clients in order to ensure that we are consistently providing a relevant, credible and capable service to ensure that we are keeping our clients safe from illicit devices in all countries, states and territories."

My guest post, which can be viewed at , discusses the widely contended issue about private investigators and their relationship with TSCM services as opposed to security companies.

Please feel free to take a look, share the post and spread the word about TSCM International in general who offer a flat rate referral fee of £250 or $300 depending on which country you are in.

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