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Bug Sweeping Course in Ghana

I am very excited to announce that I will be travelling to Ghana later this year to deliver my TSCM training programme in person.

Please see below the video and transcript from it:

If you're based in Ghana or west Africa, I'm absolutely pleased to announce that I'll be holding my technical surveillance countermeasures or bug sweeping course in Accra later this year. I have spent the last few months, adding a considerable amount of content to the training course itself. It has now gone from a two day training program to a three day program and the course that's going to be held in Ghana will be the one of the first to experience that, so from the 22nd to the 24th of November this year, I'll be delivering this unique course. The cost of the course in the UK is £799 per person. However, in Accra we're doing it for just 3000 GH₵, but the first 10 people who put themselves forward for the course will receive it for just 2,200 GH₵. All attendees will receive a copy of my book Technical Surveillance Countermeasures and those who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of competency in bug sweeping. We will be working with Ubex security who are a Ghanaian based company, the director of which is an old friend of mine, Alphonse Daniels and we have worked together for many years. In fact, we used to work together in the UK and since he's returned to Accra we've worked together across the seas and we've had a very good working relationship since between vanquish and Ubex. We hold a very strong bond and we are very excited to be coming together finally and for me to become to garner is a big thing for me because it's something that we've been discussing for many years and it's finally happening this year. I am very excited. I cannot wait, so please, if this is something you're interested in, contact Ubex directly. They'll be dealing with bookings directly so you can contact them on the number that's on the screen now. There's an email address there too. Feel free to email them with any questions you may have, but for me, as I say, it's a huge deal. I've been trying to go over to Ghana for many, many years, and I am super excited that it's finally happening. So I hope to see you there. If you have any questions, once again, please send them to you directly. They will be dealing with all inquiries and all bookings. But I do hope to see you there. Thanks very much.

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