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Vanquish Training Academy's New MD

Meet the new Managing Director of Vanquish® Training Academy in the UK.

Today is both a sad and exhilarating day for me. Giving someone the “keys” to one of my companies is a difficult thing however, I know that in order to move quicker in a certain direction means that I must to let go of some of proverbial weight that is holding me back. It’s holding me back because of the time, effort and skill that is required to deliver the courses to our esteemed candidates. Finding the right person was not an easy task. I wrote my first course in 2011 which was really the birth of the academy however, it became a legal entity when it was incorporated in 2016. Since then, Vanquish® Academy has become a registered trademark and is known for holding the world’s first and only “application only” civilian bodyguard training programme. You’ve already seen what we have achieved in Sydney and New York but in order for the the training programmes that I have written to continue to take place overseas, Vanquish® Training Academy and The Security Academy must continue to function in the UK as they will act as a fundamental cornerstone for all future expansion. Because of this, it requires the right person to lead the UK company to it’s future and I couldn’t think of a better person than Matthew to take the helm. As someone who came through the academy himself, he understands the business from the ground up.

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