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TSCM International

I can not explain how much it means to me to be able to make this announcement; TSCM International, a business that I founded, is now operational in Sydney and across Australia. This has come about as a result of the relationship that I have built with the director of Active Countermeasures, Joey Saab. This is the company who asked me to deliver the first ever bug sweeping course in Australia. Owing to the success of the first course, we are now going to be hosting a minimum of four per year, the first of which took place in January.

As a (relatively) young person in business, you dream of expanding your business to far away, large and exciting cities. For me, Sydney ticks all of these boxes. It is not unfair to say that this is a huge achievement for me and I am very pleased to have solidified my bond with Sydney, Australia and all involved with Active Countermeasures.

TSCM International (Australia) will provide bug sweeping services to both private private and corporate clients ensuring that homes, offices, hotel rooms, private aircraft and yachts are free from covert monitoring devices.

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