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Following an announcement by Vanquish® Training Academy on International Women's Day, I am pleased to announce the formal launch of VÉQURE. The UK's first and only all female security training provider. The announcement also came about exactly one month after the birth of my daughter which makes it that little but more fitting to be the founder.

From the website

Pronounced 'vey cure", we are the UK's first female only security training academy.

The first ever, all women 15 Day Close Protection Course ill start on 1st August 2020.

Written by International Security Consultant & Author Michael Chandler, This 15 day programme will cost £2,200 with a seat reservation deposit of just £99.

To register your interest to course director Matthew Blythe -

The first course is bookable via The Security Academy's website as this is the one with the shopping and checkout platform.

I know from years of first hand experience that female operatives are hard to come by. I also know that approximately 95% of close protection courses have all male attendees. Whilst it could be argued that this is because being a bodyguard or CPO is a predominately male role, it is clear that there is a demand for women in this sector. In addition to that, Vanquish and The Security Academy respectively both receive a considerable amount of enquiries for CP courses however, very few end up attending. Whilst I do believe that all candidates benefit from mixed gender classes, if the stereotyping is acting as a barrier for some ladies to attend a course of this nature then this may be the answer or at the very least, an experiment to identify whether or not this is the case.

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