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Online Surveillance Training

Video transcript - Just a quick one to let you know that later this year, my five day advanced surveillance training program is being converted into an online training series so that people from all over the world can attend without having to travel to one of the cities of which we host that course. The course will be made up of a series of videos, downloadable content and regular assessments in addition to a final assessment so that we can identify whether or not you have passed the required mark. The course also comes with the newly released book The Real Guide to Surveillance. It's relatively thick and has taken me approximately a year and a half to write this. It's in excess of 200 pages long and all proceeds from this book will be going to the charity that I have founded called the Vanquish Foundation and so anyone who enrols on the course will be contributing to that charity

So you're probably asking yourself how is it possible for something like covert foot and mobile surveillance to be delivered online or there are a few answers to that question. The videos that are going to be online and available to you are taken from very realistic settings and you'll be walked through those step by step. In addition to that, if that doesn't satisfy you, then we have an agreement with Vanquish Training Academy and The Security Academy whereby, if you do decide to attend a course face to face, the price you've paid for the online training program will be taken away from their full training course costs, if that makes sense. So once you pay for this course, you won't have to pay it again. You will then if you do want to go and do it face to face, essentially you pay the full amount minus what you've already paid. The course also comes with a free trial. Obviously a course of this nature is quite unusual and so you're probably, as I said, wondering how it's possible that it's going to be delivered, so what we're going to do is put together a free trial which is going to comprise of several videos for you to have a look at, get a feel for how the course is delivered and you'll have also a mock assessment so that you can get a grasp and an idea as to how it is that we assess you for out the real online training course and indeed the actual face to face training course as well. So all of that's coming out later this year. The book itself, as I said, will come to you wherever you are in the world. and it's free for you, but like I said, you'll be contributing to the charity, the Vanquish Foundation. If you want to find any more information about that, you can just Google the vanquish foundation. It will come up if you want to do the free trials. I said it's going to give you a huge amount of insight. This can be done from anywhere in the world. I'll give you some idea as to what's going to be covered. I've got to read this from the book. We have a roles and responsibilities, specialist equipment, technical surveillance, a DSLR, photography, communications, legislation, international law. So wherever you are in the world, you'll get an understanding as to how the law might impact you, where you are. Operational briefings, reconnaissance, controlling adrenaline actions on drills, standard operating procedures, the human brain and peripheral perception. And it just goes on and on and on, uh, all the way up through to report writing as well.

So it's quite in depth. It's a very competent and I feel that the sort of factor or the, or the fear of, uh, you know, doing an online course like this is overcome based on the content within it. So if you're considering it, it's something you think about doing the free trial, you'll get a good insight. Um, but as it stands at the time of recording this video, it is not yet released. So if you want more information, you can go and sign up. You can actually preorder it as well for half price right now. And, but like I said, that's gonna this is going to expire within about two to three weeks from the time this video being released. So, uh, yeah, thank you for watching. And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to either myself vanquish training Academy or the security Academy where it is you will be able to purchase the online program. Thanks for watching

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