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Firearms Training & Close Protection Courses

About a year and a half ago, I shot a video in relation to why at Vanquish we do not incorporate firearms training into our close protection training courses. In fact, I published a blog post back in August 2016 which can be viewed at

The video was later published as another blog post.

Only now has the video been transcribed and I would like to take this opportunity to post the video again to be viewed and for the content to be read.

Please see below the transcription:

Hello, I wanted to show this very brief video to explain a few things about firearms training, and why firearms are not included in Close Protection course that I wrote. I wrote a blog about it a few weeks ago. I thought it might best to shoot this video and incorporating this video and incorporate this video into that article as well because it just makes it a little bit easy for people to view and understand. And so, the first reason that I did not include it in the Close Protection course that I wrote is because originally, the Close Protection course was only got to be used by Vanquish Training Academy.

Now, remember, The Vanquish Training Academy is there purely to provide operatives to Vanquish Security Services and Vanquish Investigation Services which is exactly why it has an application process. People cannot just come along and pay to come along the training course, they have to apply. The reason for that is because they want the best possible operatives with the industry and that is just another way to ensure that the people who are coming on the course are genuinely interested working for the companies and also that they have relatively high level of communication skills, communication abilities, and things like that. And one of the reasons I did, I felt that it was unnecessary to include it was because even if someone did come to a training course and with the intention of deploying to hostile environment for example, hostile environment—I guess, I am guessing that companies operate in hostile environments, I’m referring to security companies would specifically require those who are ex-military. And if you are ex-military, why would you need to have firearms training if you spent that amount of time handling weapons in the first place.

Another reason that I did not include it is because as part of what is called CPD, Continuous Professional Development, you can go on and do the firearms training later on. It is like other things. It is like medical training as well, only when I wrote it includes paediatric first aid, first aid work, defib training, and if we could go on and on, we can do a pulse sign, we can do a number of other things and incorporate that into the course; it is a 21-day- course already so we do not need to make any longer. What we say to people is that continuous professional development is a very, very important part of being a professional operative in security industry anyway. CPD can incorporate things such as land, bridges, certain medical training, and of course, if you have done firearms training before, either in military or as a civilian or a police officer, then you can go and do that in the private sector somewhere else. I see a course that was advertised for as low as £250 but you can go and do it full in Sweden.

There are also opportunities there in France. I think there are also companies there in the UK. And so, if we keep doing these, add along these things into a course, we’d cram it all of this training in 21 days and it has just become very, very difficult. If you are just doing it in a close protection element of the training course that I wrote, there is even shorter time to incorporate. So, it is really a case for me of trying to get what is relevant to the people who are going to come on to the course and to get that information delivered within a certain and reasonable timeframe. If you have any questions about adding things including firearms training or Close Protection training in the UK, feel free to drop an email. I will be as helpful as I possibly can. If not, you can contact any of the training providers that used the course I wrote.

Thanks very much. I will speak to you soon.

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